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Saskatchewan's World Class Home Design & Build Specialists!

Who we are
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Who are we?

We're a Saskatoon-based team of architectural, project management and design professionals with a passion for timber homes, natural features, modern styles and state-of-the-art construction practices.

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What do we do?

Traditionally, we have been known for designing and constructing award-winning timber frame homes and cottages around Saskatchewan.


Lately, we have been developing a reputation for fusing bold timber finishes with rustic and modern styles into truly unique custom designs. We pride ourselves on utilizing all sorts of exciting architectural styles, methods and techniques.


We've also been having a lot of fun with specialty woodworking and other hands-on carpentry projects.

An award winning team

We have been lucky enough to be recognized at local, provincial and national levels!  Check out the Winter 2019 cover page of the Building Excellence Magazine, which features one of our custom homes.

The method

Our customers are our partners. We've done away with traditional builder-client relationship dynamics that have the reputation of being rooted in mistrust which serve to hinder the sharing and implementation of good ideas.


We believe that full transparency is the only way to develop and nurture open and honest discussions about both of our goals/objectives for your project. This is why we've opened our books, share our costs, explore ideas, and tackle challenges together as a team.


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What are you waiting for?

Our projects are so much more than our own. They are a testament to all the incredible people that we have had the honour of working for and with in the past.


Take a peek at our portfolio and then give us a call. We can't wait to introduce you to your new team!


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The Beach House

The Legacy

Sticks, Stones & Steel

Heron Bay

Sticks & Stones 

Lakeside Fusion

Lakeside Retreat


The Treehouse

Lakeside Chalet




801 9th Street North

Martensville, Saskatchewan S0K 2T2

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